What we Believe

The Mission

The mission of Church of the Great Commission is to experience victory in our relationship with God, ourselves and others, using biblical standards and the power of God’s Love.

Vision Statement

We believe our “covenant relationship” with God stems from His love for us, and through Jesus Christ, that love was demonstrated at Calvary.

Our purpose is to creatively implement the Great Commission through life changing programs and initiatives that are relevant to meet the needs of each individual.  We seek the total transformation of ourselves and others into the image of Jesus Christ so that we may, in turn, extend God’s love throughout the earth.

Our services, programs and activities are designed as an extension of our relationship with God, and through this relationship, we offer:

  • Comprehensive Discipleship Training
  • Synergetic Worship
  • Effective Evangelistic Outreach
  • Compassionate Nurture Programs
  • Family Enrichment Activities
  • Foreign Mission Opportunities


 We believe these events and innovative methods are instruments that bring about unity, restoration, harmony and commitment not only to God but also to one another.

Finally, our desire is that everyone within our realm of influence be given the opportunity to be restored to a loving and unconditional relationship with God through Jesus Christ and fellowship within a caring, connected community of believers.